Resubmission Support

If your paper receives reviewer comments, our publication experts will

  • Check the revised manuscript to ensure it meets journal requirements.
  • Draft a new cover letter.
  • Submit your responses and revised paper to the same journal.

However, if your paper gets rejected, we will help you submit your paper to another journal of your choice at a 30% discounted charge of the Journal submission fee. Our publication professionals will

  • Reformat your manuscript according to the guidelines of the new journal you choose.
  • Provide you with a new cover letter.
  • Submit your paper to the new journal.

NOTE: This service is offered with our Gold and Platinum packs and will be available only if you have selected one of these packs.

Rapid Technical Review

Most scientific journals reject four out of every five manuscripts they receive. Using our Rapid Technical Review service, you can get our expert panelists, all of whom have published peer-reviewed papers, to review your paper and provide constructive comments so that you can improve your manuscript BEFORE submission to the journal of your choice. The assessment process applied in the Editage Rapid Technical Review has been designed to closely resemble the peer review process undertaken at major high-impact journals and will maximize your chances of receiving favorable comments from the journal editorial team

What does Rapid Technical Review offer you?

Having published and peer-reviewed papers in major journals, our experienced reviewer panel understands and will help you eliminate most major reasons for manuscript rejection. Unlike the long wait to hear from a journal after submission, the Editage expert will provide you with comprehensive comments within a rapid turnaround time, allowing you to revise your manuscript and still meet aggressive publication deadlines.

Benefits of the Rapid Technical Review include:

  • Specific technical inputBe it study design, reporting of methods, literature review, or data analysis, the review contains specific trigger questions that compel our reviewers to look at every angle of your research.
  • Actionable recommendations that improve your manuscriptFor every problem identified, our experts will recommend corrective action.
  • Prioritized revisionsOur experts list their suggested revisions in order of importance allowing you to focus on the most critical issues.
  • Short wait periodReceive in-depth comments on your manuscript within 5 days rather than wait for several weeks or months to receive similar comments from a journal reviewer.

This service includes an additional round of revision for free. After you revise your paper based on the Rapid Technical Review Report, send it back for a free recheck by the expert.

Journal Selection

Selecting the right journal is critical to making sure your paper gets published. Often, papers are rejected because the research topic is outside the scope of the journal or is aimed at a different target audience.

Our team of experts shortlists 3 to 5 best-suited journals for your manuscript and prepares a report listing the pros and cons of submitting to each. By submitting to journals that match your study, you can avoid unnecessary rejection. If you are confused about choosing an appropriate journal for your manuscript, Journal Selection is the service you need.

Journal Submission Services for Research Papers

Journals can have complex systems and processes. For a busy researcher, meeting all the journal submission requirements could prove complicated and time-consuming. At Editage, we have experts who can help you with this. Simply send us your manuscript with all the necessary information, and we will handle the rest.

Artwork Preparation

The old adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Artwork such as graphs, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, or other visuals play a significant role in effectively communicating your findings.

Every journal has specific guidelines for technical artwork, which can often be cumbersome. You do not need to waste your precious time in acquiring software and design skills needed to produce perfect figures for publication.

Using our Artwork Preparation service, you can meet all artwork requirements, both at the time of submission and after your paper has been accepted.

What can our graphics and design experts do for you?

Our graphic design specialists understand technical artwork guidelines across a wide variety of journals and can create complex figures with great accuracy and aesthetic value. They are experienced in working with a range of file formats. With great expertise in graphic design, they prepare flawless artwork for your manuscript.

Three simple steps to perfect artwork

  • Send us your final editable artwork files and other relevant information.
  • Our designers will format/revise your artwork to meet the journal’s technical requirements, while an expert editor checks your artwork for consistency and technical accuracy.
  • Check the files and resend for revisions (as many times as required, within 60 days).